In this beyond the book activity inspired by Food Hide and Sneak, you can make beautiful watermelon print artwork using a potato!

To make your artwork, you’ll need:

  • a small potato
  • sharp knife (and a grown up’s help!)
  • paper
  • pink/red and green paint
  • black marker or sharpie

This activity is so fun and easy!

  1. Have a grown up help you to cut a potato in half vertically and THEN the end off so you have a flat surface to stamp from. We are looking for a semi circle shape, similar to that of smile (or the letter D !)
  2. Carefully dip the end of the potato in pink or red paint – making sure to get a nice even coverage.
  3. Stamp down onto your paper.
  4. Let dry and then using a brush, add green to make the watermelon rind.
  5. Once completely dry, you can add seeds using a black marker.

What other shapes can you make using a potato stamp?

xx Bookieboo


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