In this beyond the book activity for Koalas Eat Gum Leaves, you can make your own koala out of a couple paper plates and a little bit of creativity! This koala can also easily be transformed into a mask by attaching some string or elastic.

To make your koala, you’ll need:

  • 1 x large paper plate, and 2 x small paper plates (alternatively you can use 2 large plates and just cut one in half to make 2 ears)
  • grey paint or crayons/ markers
  • stapler (to attach ears)
  • glue
  • black paper for nose
  • scissors
  • googley eyes

This activity is quick and easy!

  1. Paint or colour in one side of each paper plate grey
  2. Staple each of the smaller plates on either side of the koala’s head to make ears. If you are using 2 of the same size plate, cut one plate in half to make two ears and then attach those.
  3. Cut a large oval out of black paper and attach to large plate as nose. Glue on googley eyes.

That’s it – you have your very own koala! You can expand this activity by talking about what koalas eat (check out the last page of the book for more info on this!), and even going on a walk to spot some gum trees (and maybe even see a koala yourself!). Have fun!

xx Bookieboo


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