Hello! We’re celebrating September with our Numbers & Shapes theme – where we’ll explore the concept of maths as more than just equations, but as something that can be applied to the world around us.

Starting with the Bitty Box, we had THREE sturdy board books – Counting Things, Stack the Cats, and Take a Triangle.


Language Concepts & Book Interaction:

  • To encourage interaction with the book, point to each object as you count and ask your little one to guess what the next number under the flap will be.
  • Talk about the different environments shown in the book. There’s a jungle, farm, city, space… How are they different from each other?


Language Concepts & Book Interaction:

  • Little ones love imitating – pretend to be a cat like the ones in the story! What kind of things do they do? You might curl up and pretend to sleep, climb, or play hide and seek. Don’t try stacking though, or you might teeter and totter and tumble!
  • Which cat is your favourite? Why?
  • Cats love to hide! Count all the cats on each page – can you find them all?


Language Concepts & Book Interaction:

  • To help develop reading comprehension, ask lots of questions throughout the book – the provided prompts are a great place to start e.g., Where is the kite going? What colour is his beak?
  • Where else can you see triangles? Look around the house, or try going on a nature walk to see triangles outside.
  • ‘Take a triangle’ and draw a picture with it! Download the activity template here: Take a Triangle shape drawing.

Next up is our Biggie Box. In this month’s box we had two gorgeous hardcover books: Shapes, Reshape! and I Know Numbers.


Language Concepts:

Shapes, Reshape introduces readers to concepts of counting, shapes, animals, colours and prediction all in one! Encourage little ones to listen to each clue (e.g., buzzy, jumpy) and try to predict which animal they shapes could re-arrange into before turning the page and finding out!

Discussion Topics:

  • Before reading – what do you think this book might be about? Use the cover illustrations and title as clues.
  • After reading – were you surprised when the dragon was scared away by a teeny-weeny spider? Are you scared of spiders?
  • Which animal was your favourite? What do you like most about them?

Hands-On Activities:

  • Can you draw an animal using just shapes? Look carefully at the animal you want to draw and think about all its different body parts – are they big or small? Do they look more like squares, circles or triangles?
  • Cut out shapes using our template to re-arrange and make your own animals and pictures. Download here: Shuffling_shapes!


Language Concepts:

I Know Numbers is a great non-fiction book that shows just how versatile and interesting numbers can be. It encourages readers to think about all the ways numbers are used, and how they form part of every day life. It may be useful to explain that this book was published a long time ago – before iPads or mobile phones. Encourage little ones to think of numbers that aren’t even in the book, and how else they are used every day.

Discussion Topics:

  • Before you start reading, ask your child what they think the book might be about. Encourage them to use the title and cover pages as clues. E.g., What do you know about numbers? When do you use them?
  • Can you think of other places you see numbers that aren’t in the book?
  • The author of the story is from Japan – do any of the people or places in the book look different from where you live?

Hands-On Activities:

  • What are the most unusual or interesting places you can find numbers? Take a walk around your neighbourhood and city to see what you can find.
  • Play our number matching game! Download the template here: Number Matching
  • One of the ways to use numbers is maths. Download our ‘finger counting’ template from the blog to help little ones learn simple sums! Finger counting template

Our Family Box included 1 book from our Bitty Box and 1 from our Biggie Box. This month’s books were Counting Things and Shapes, Reshape!

That’s it for September! Orders are now open for our October boxes – we’ll be annoucing the theme on Instagram very soon!

xx Karly
Owner, Bookieboo


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