This month’s theme is ‘Surf, Sea & Me’ and to celebrate, we’re going to show you how you can bring the beach to your home, no matter the weather!

Moon sand is a play ‘sand’ made from all purpose flour. It’s super soft but can still be moulded into castles. It’s quick to make and easy to clean up – perfect for sensory bins and indoor play.

To make moon sand, you only need TWO ingredients… all purpose flour and baby oil. Simply mix 8 cups of all purpose flower with 1 cup of baby oil in a big bowl… that’s it! It’s easiest to add the oil into the flour, rather than the other way around. For smaller quantities, just halve. Moon Sand recipeOnce mixed, tip into a sensory bin or onto a flat surface. Build a castle just like in King of the Castle, or use buckets and spades like in Uh-Oh! We’d love to see what else your little ones create!Moon sand playWhen finished with the moon sand, simply store in an airtight container with a lid – it will keep indefinitely.

**If your little one is prone to eating their sensory play, simply swap the baby oil for vegetable oil – it won’t smell as good, but will still work just fine!

xx Bookieboo


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