Spoiler alert! It’s time to unveil the contents of the very first Bookieboo box! If you haven’t received your box just yet, you might want to avoid scrolling down… I’ll give you a sec to exit…

Okay, if you’re still here then you’re ready for the unboxing! This month’s theme was all about friendship and belonging. Whether it’s finding your place in the world with some help from friends, realising that friends don’t have to look or act the same to get along, or simply learning how to be a good friend, these books are all about exploring the idea of friendship and what it means to belong. So let’s get to the boxes 🙂

First up is our Biggie Box – this box includes two hardcover picture books and is most suitable for little ones aged 3+. The June box included Sunk! by Rob Biddulph and The Perfect Picnic by Ciara Flood.

“A pirate hat. A sunny day. For Penguin Blue a game to play.”
When sailing the seven seas on their latest adventure, Captain Penguin Blue and his friends are unexpectedly sunk! It’s only with the help of some new friends and plenty of teamwork that they’ll stand a chance of getting back to safety! We love the vivid illustrations and great use of colour and text arrangement in this gorgeous book.

With pirates, treasure, and great new friends all in one, Sunk! is certainly a story your little one will return to again and again.

FullSizeRender 5.jpgFullSizeRender 14.jpgThe Perfect Picnic
Squirrel and Mole are best friends, but they couldn’t be more different from each other! Squirrel is very organised and likes to have a plan, while Mole likes to go with the flow. When they decide to go on a picnic, Squirrel is determined to find the PERFECT spot. It’s only after disaster strikes that he realises that if you have great friends, you can have lots of fun even when things aren’t perfect!

We love the amazingly detailed illustrations and subtle hints to the characters’ personalities in this book! Every page has so much to look at and you’ll learn more about Squirrel and Mole in each read through.

FullSizeRender 2 copy.jpgFullSizeRender 17.jpgFullSizeRender 9.jpgNext is our Bitty Box – this box includes two-three sturdy board books and is most suitable for littlies aged 0-2. The June box included three great books –  A Bit Lost by Chris Haughton, Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea by Morag Hood, and Rex Wrecks It! by Ben Clanton.

A Bit Lost
Uh-oh! Little Owl has fallen out of his next, and can’t find his mummy! With the help of his new friend, Squirrel, Little Owl sets off on a quest to find her and meets lots of other animal friends along the way. We love the bold illustrations and quirky characters in this modern-day take on “Are you my Mother?”. Children will love helping Little Owl find his mummy in this gorgeous board book!

FullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpgColin and Lee, Carrot and Pea
“Lee is a pea. All of his friends are peas; except Colin. Colin isn’t a pea.”
This adorable story of an unlikely friendship between a carrot and a pea is as cute as they come! Although the pair have many differences, and Colin can’t do everything Lee can, they are still the best of friends. We love the minimal, vivid illustrations in this simple introduction to the idea of diversity and acceptance. This is definitely a book to grow with your little ones!

FullSizeRender 11.jpgFullSizeRender 7.jpgRex Wrecks It!
Oh no, here comes Rex! Every time Gizmo, Sprinkles and Wild build something with their blocks, Red wrecks it! This cute board book is a great introduction to the importance of teamwork and learning how to be a good friend. We love the simple, colourful illustrations and the repetition of “REX WRECKS IT!” throughout the book. This would be a great story to help transition little ones from home to child care or school!

FullSizeRender 10.jpgFullSizeRender 15.jpgFinally we have our Family Box – this box includes one hardcover picture book and one sturdy board book. It is perfect for families with children of different ages or developmental levels. The June box included Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea by Morag Hood, and Sunk! by Rob Biddulph.

FullSizeRender 8.jpgThank you again to all our subscribers for your support with our launch. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for the future! Remember to check out the Parent Guide Activities page for template and downloads! xx ps., thanks to Mel from @kids.books.we.love on Instagram for the great cover photo!


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